Attorney Bert Cohen
Are You a Fugitive?


We understand that people become fugitives for a variety of reasons. Maybe it was a traffic ticket you forgot to take care of. Maybe you are accused of a very serious offense and just ran, rather than dealing with it. It is, of course, not a defense lawyer's role to pass judgment against you for the circumstances that you have found yourself in, but to help you understand your options and to develop an intelligent strategy to deal with it. If you are a fugitive and reading this, there is a good chance that you have grown tired of the limbo you are in and want your life to return to normal. If you are a fugitive and want to get on with your life,or if you are trying to help a loved one who is being held in a far away jail awaiting extradition and an uncertain fate, call the Law Offices of Bert W. Cohen for a no cost, no obligation, confidential consultation.


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